Patterns: ancient and modern

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day with a rich evening light. Evening being between 2-3 pm at this time of year in North Yorkshire!

Fishing boats in the afternoon sun (16 Dec 2021)
Reflections on the water (no cropping)

I strolled around the harbour here in Scarborough, a very familiar tramping ground, as there is always something to photograph: fishing boats, birds, people, reflections, the list goes on. The light at this time of year (mid December) is wonderful because the sun is so low in the sky.

Ruddy turnstones (Arenaria interpres) enjoying the last of the winter sun

I am always drawn to reflections, be they on glass or water. The play of colours created by ripples on the surface of water creates fascinating effects. Particularly, if you ‘sample’ them with a long(ish) lens. The effects can be quite creative; abstract patterns that can be further sampled (i.e. selecting a portion of the image) on the computer.

Boat and reflections in the inner harbour, Scarborough

The light really was lovely. No need to do any processing. Apart from cropping and a slight increase in exposure, these images are straight out of the camera (Nikon D7500).

More reflections

By sampling, I mean zooming in, cropping out a smaller portion of the image (see below). It makes the whole thing more abstract. It is easy to get carried away! I think it works best if one does not over-do the cropping?

Cropped image from above

It is just a matter of taste really. Some things crop better than others. I like it when there are an eclectic mix of colours and shapes.

As I continued my walk around the harbour, past the light-house, I noticed a different sort of pattern. There were some sandstone flags (paving stones) that had lovely ripple marks. They were particularly apparent on this afternoon, as the sun was low, high-lighting the protrusions.

There were (are!) relatively few paving stones that had very good ripple marks! Perhaps the stone masons discarded the more uneven ones?

Ripple marks on sandstone flags, Scarborough harbour

There were small, round, stone bosses in the middle of the flags. I had never noticed these before. I suppose they were holding the slabs in place?

Ripple marks on sandstone slabs, Scarborough

There is much that these ripple marks can tell us about the environment in which they were laid down. Follow the links! Wave-formed ripples.

Ripple marks on sandstone slabs, Scarborough

More science here and here!

Finally, as I was ending my walk, I noticed some really interesting, almost psychedelic reflections, coming off the corrugated iron wall at the end of the harbour (below).

When I focussed in on these reflections, I was amazed how interesting they were!

None of these reflections lasted very long. The sun set and they were gone! But sure to reappear, in a different way, on a different day! Our world is infinitely variable and infinitely fascination!

A Happy Fractal Christmas to everyone!